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Fanclub for Devilman and other Go Nagai stuff


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Created on 2017-01-24 22:52:46 (#2785190), last updated 2017-01-24 (34 weeks ago)

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Name:Devilman Fanclub
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fanclub for Devilman & Go Nagai
A fanclub for Devilman and other Go Nagai series.

Community rules:

1) Be nice and don't start fights or other dumb shit, don't be elitist or weird to people for no reason. No discrimination or bullying.

2) TAG YOUR POSTS so that others can filter through them! Don't think it's unnecessary, it really helps keep things neat and tidy. Tag as properly and thoroughly as you can. Contact the mod if you want new tags added.

3) You're allowed to post any type of post related to Devilman or Go Nagai here (as long as they follow the other community rules and Dreamwidth rules), but TAG THEM so people can filter through the posts.

4) NSFW and other questionable content is okay within the Dreamwidth website rules, but please but anything NSFW under a members-only lock, or with massive warnings above a link or "cut" (no NSFW previews allowed).

5) You're allowed to type in languages other than English on the community, but provide an English translation or summary of your post/comment in the same post/comment. If you want to extensively talk to someone in a different language, you can message each other outside of the community instead.

6) It's up to you whether to use members-lock or make public posts, no rule except for NSFW content.

7) Disobeying the rules can get you kicked out. You'll be warned unless you're too bad to bother with.

Interests (21):

akira fudo, akira fudou, anime, asuka ryo, asuka ryou, dante, demons, devilman, fudo akira, fudou akira, go nagai, god, heaven, hell, makimura miki, manga, miki makimura, nagai go, ryo asuka, ryou asuka, satan
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